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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
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It’s that time of year, flowers are blossoming, birds are singing, and the uncontrollable urge to…clean out your closet… has set in.Larkspur Lingerie Amanda Bear
Downtown LA wildflowers
Everyone knows that I am one of the last people to talk about cleaning your house, but I have an amazing ability to make clothes last much much longer than they are in fashion. The steps to this are:
1. always use cold water for natural fabrics
2. wash everything inside out
3. hang dry or flat dry everything, indoors if it’s dark colors.
If you follow these steps, even fast fashion tank tops will last for ten years.
Larkspur Lingerie Fabrics
also, for delicates, lingerie, etc, I really like using this wash, , it also gets out stains on all sorts of things, not just delicates, so add it to your collection of stain removers
Forever New Larkspur Lingerie
Now that we’ve figured out how to make our clothes last forever, now I need you to donate half of them. Seriously, take out everything that looks weird on you, is a weird shape, has a stain on it, and take it to goodwill. If its too weird for them, they’ll recycle it into carpet padding. You will never wear your “attitude” tshirts from 1997 again. I promise. Also, this is not just for my own benefit, but you probably need new organic underwear. Throw out all the weird/uncomfortable/stretched out stuff. please.

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