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Larkspur's Vision
Lingerie is a delicate and personal subject. We know every woman has a real body and a style of her own. As Larkspur, we want to find the place between fantasy and reality, to make a place where women can be more comfortable with their bodies, and be more comfortable with expressing their true selves and their own fantasies. We are exhausted of society pressuring us to be a different person or a different shape than we are, especially while wearing our underwear.
We choose fabrics that are healthy for our bodies and healthy for the environment, because we can and it’s right, not to impress anyone. Our styles are meant to skim and reveal, not conceal and compress. Our fits are meant to be comfortable around our curves, not to pretend that they don’t exist.
At Larkspur, we have a commitment to using the most eco friendly fabrics, and also the softest, most luxurious fabrics. Our collection is based around these:
• GOTS certified organic cotton - healthy for your body and healthier for the environment.
• Modal - is a botanic silk, made from completely renewable plant resources, which do not require any irrigation or chemicals, and uses a CO² neutral, low water waste process for production.
• Repurposed designer fabrics - The fashion industry generates huge amounts of waste every year, so we aquire unused fabrics from other designers to make our silk trims and special edition items.
Larkspur is the creation of Amanda Bear to bring her vision of comfortable lingerie with an understated sexiness to fruition in beautiful eco-friendly fabrics. Hailing from Central Californian farmlands among orange blossoms and horses, Amanda is a seasoned artist and fashion mercenary.


As Larkspur, Amanda and her friend Felicia Gaxiola created the first collection of chic and flattering, yet cozy, intimates inspired by her love of vintage clothing, bohemian neighborhoods, and the occasional rock show, for an independent woman who follows her own sense of fashion. You have probably met this elusive muse late at night at a hip party you happily, but unintentionally landed at. She was the woman who was both compelling and intimidating in her intelligence and stylishness, that you desperately wanted to either be or get to know. Felicia has since moved on to greater things but continues to be a wonderful support and inspiration. Without amazing friends and family. none of this is possible.


Seeing that our chic designs are produced responsibly, Larkspur locally sources soft eco-friendly fabrics to be lovingly hand sewn in Los Angeles. High quality organic cotton, silk blend knits, repurposed silks, and stretch laces form the base of their palette, allowing for the perfect blend of sex appeal, comfort, and style.


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