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Comfort – Larkspur Lingerie’s Raison d’être

Comfort – Larkspur Lingerie’s Raison d’être
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A while ago, I was reading a very popular lingerie blog, and someone had written a post on treatment creams for all those places that your lingerie has rubbed raw or pinched you.
Um, excuse me?
I’m sorry, but that is completely insane.  I spend hours going through endless piles of laces, feeling them for the softest possible styles, and I don’t care how pretty it is, if it’s itching you or will put holes in your skin, I am not going to sew it into a garment made for your most delicate parts.  Larkspur Lingerie is made so that you can wear it all day under your clothes, be comfortable and feel fabulous all day, then, of course, you can show it off if you please, but the idea that you would just put it on for a little uncomfortable show is so not what our pieces are about.
I have the kind of skin that pretty much anything will leave a flaming red mark, and I make sure every piece is well tested in every size before I send it out into the world.  I use only organic cotton for linings, even in the modal styles, because cotton is the most breathable and healthy for your body.
cotton bolls
Larkspur’s cuts are made specifically to hug your curves, not wander into places where they should not be.  Even if a cut is sexy or trendy, I won’t put it into the line unless I am confident that avoiding slippage and discomfort is possible.  My 10 years of patternmaking and swimwear experience is going to good use here, ladies!
 Rant over, and if you purchase a Larkspur item and it is ever uncomfortable, ship it right back!

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