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We keep a very small selection of our undergarments and loungewear in stock, to reduce waste and labor.  For this reason, we are able to be very flexible and have many more styles than we usually would have for a small company. Also, it gives us the ability to have optional features, such as making an item vegan or attaching larger or smaller cups.  However, it takes approximately one week from the time you order your pieces to when we ship.

Here is how your order works, from beginning to end.

1)  we source the most eco friendly and sustainable fabrics and trims we can find, and stock the studio with them.  We create beautiful styles and patterns in all the available sizes, so that we are ready for orders, and photograph them on models so that you can see how they look in real life.

2) You make your order.  You can choose to have vegan/non silk or designer silk straps, choose your size, and color.  Reference the size chart, and if you need to mix sizes for top and bottom, please put a note in the box provided. The bralettes work for about a B cup to a D cup, if you fall outside of this range (2"-5" difference between your band size and bust measurement) leave a note on your order and we will change the size of the bra cups for you.  Sorry, we don't do fully custom items, but if you fall outside of our size range and you would like to order, please let us know, we may add a size if we think it will be successful with the piece.  Please tell us if your order is a gift, we'll include a gift card. If you need a rush for a special event, please let us know here as well.

3) We get to work!  we finish assembling your piece either in the studio or using one of our partner sewers, or if we're lucky it may be in stock and made up already. We make sure everyone is treated fairly within the manufacturing process.

4) We ship your order to you in minimal recycled packaging, neatly tucked into a small repurposed fabric lingerie bag, and then you enjoy in just a few days! 

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