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Choosing the right lingerie for your Wedding day (and night).

Choosing the right lingerie for your Wedding day (and night).
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choosing the best wedding lingerie for you
So you’ve said yes, or maybe you’ve proposed, and your main squeeze is becoming your spouse.  You want to have some special underthings for the ceremony and the honeymoon, but how do you choose your wedding lingerie?
under the dress
Your first consideration is what you will be wearing on the big day.  If you’re planning to wear white, commando is probably out, but I recommend picking something super comfortable that you can macarena the night away in.  If your dress is strapless and corseted, if it is thin, you may need the whole merry widow setup, but if it well constructed and well fitting , a soft cotton bandeau may be a great pick to protect you from the boning rubbing your skin.
   If you’re wearing a sheer lace dress, soft lingerie that matches your skintone, perhaps lace, will disappear and give you that slinky nude look and not the scary naked look from your undies showing through the mesh.  If you’re going for the tuxedo look, maybe a tap pants set would be great! For bottoms, I highly recommend going with something cotton and comfy, that will get you through the whole day without misbehaving, whether it’s a panty or a thong.  Remember, this might be a good time to slip in your something blue.
honeymoon and wedding night lingerie
Now, the wedding night and honeymoon are the part where you can go really crazy.  If you’d like to have a whole wardrobe to try out of various sexy aesthetics and flavors, I say go for it.  But if you know what gets you and your partner going, I think it’s also important to not feel pressured to bring polyester crotchless panties with bride written across the butt in rhinestones if you don’t want to.  Just sayin’. My grandma says feeling comfortable in lingerie doesn’t matter, cause it doesn’t stay on long anyways, but I think its fun to, say, have a sweet longline bralette you can throw on with a skirt to run down to the hotel bar for a glass of sangria. Or a sheer little romper that you can lounge on your balcony in and you can unwrap later in some very interesting ways.  Maybe a little white bra and tap pants set you can take an afternoon nap in, then throw a sundress over for a walk down the beach.

Larkspur Lingerie Organic cotton lace Imogene bra and thong

I suppose what I’m saying, is that you should wear whatever you damn well please.  If you want to wear orange underpants and no bra under you dress, do it.  If you want to have a 12 step corset garter stockings process, you should do it.  But don’t let anyone else tell you what what wedding lingerie you should have, whoever you are, and whatever experiences you have or haven’t had, you still know what’s right for you and what’s not.

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